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Virax VX382641 Heavy Duty Portable Tool Box additional picture 1

Virax VX382641 Heavy Duty Portable Tool Box

Item #VX382641

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USD$ 87.50

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  • 1 large removable storage tray
  • Shock resistant and bad weather proof material
  • Ergonomic handle with metal fasteners
  • Handle retracts into the cover for stacking chests
  • Closes with a pad-lockable metal-hinged clasp
  • Tools sold separately

Located in Epernay, France, VIRAX designs and manufactures high performance, ergonomic cutting tools for over 75 countries worldwide. VIRAX is committed to ensuring the total, continuous satisfaction of its end users by calling upon decades of experience of offering high quality products and solutions to its users and partners. This is accomplished by exceeding expectations in terms of performance, reliability, ergonomics and design. On a yearly basis, VIRAX incorporates new, more efficient technologies and materials in the production of their products.