Virax VX211627 Corrugated Conduit Sheath Cutter 11-Inch Capacity

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  • Cuts corrugated conduits without damaging the pipe inside the sheath, and without risk for the user
  • Durable body and blade guides
  • Strong, removable, interchangeable stainless steel blades
  • Very compact cutter, for use in confined spaces
  • Reduced risk of injury as the blades are in the middle of the guides

Located in Epernay, France, VIRAX designs and manufactures high performance, ergonomic cutting tools for over 75 countries worldwide. VIRAX is committed to ensuring the total, continuous satisfaction of its end users by calling upon decades of experience of offering high quality products and solutions to its users and partners. This is accomplished by exceeding expectations in terms of performance, reliability, ergonomics and design. On a yearly basis, VIRAX incorporates new, more efficient technologies and materials in the production of their products.