Tome Feteira EM12HRS 12" Half Round Smooth File - 6 Pack

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Founded in 1856, TOME FETEIRA has grown into a modern and diversified manufacturer, with an established reputation worldwide for producing high quality professional files and rasps. For over a century, TOME FETEIRA has been led by its consistent technical research and development, as well as its highly skilled and trained employees to be one of the most well-known manufacturers in Europe All files and rasps are made of high quality chromium alloy steel and individually hardened to 64 HRC in order to assure an excellent grip.

  • Rounded on one side and flat on another, for rapid smooth work on cast-iron, bronze, lead, babbit, aluminum, zinc, plastics and any steel up to commercial tool steel
  • Double cut and tapered
  • Made from high quality chromium alloy steel
  • Special lacquer provides protection from rust spots

Country of Origin Portugal