Schroder RS50114 Traditional Rotary Hand Drill

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Founded in 1948 by Robert Schroder, SCHRODER primarily specialized in the production of turning parts. However, future decades allowed the company to continuously grow, creating a vaster, more dynamic tool line. Today, SCHRODER's high quality, ergonomic tool line includes screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, ratcheting tap wrenches, screw extractors, hand tool sets and many more. Modern technology and passionate employees allow the steady addition of superior quality, professional hand tools that are exported to many countries around the world.ER 8 1/2-Inch Spiral Ratcheting Yankee Screwdriver, with 3 bits

  • Traditional drilling solution when there's no electricity or batteries
  • Features milled gears and 3-jaw chuck with a 5/16 bit capacity
  • Smooth wooden handle unscrews for easy storage