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Rennsteig RN439129 Small Spare Pin

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  • Replaceable small hardened pin for Rennsteig Small Adjustable Automatic Center Punch (RN430229)
  • Small Adjustable Automatic Center Punch sold separately

Located in Viernau, Germany, RENNSTEIG is a manufacturer of high quality screw extractors, cold chisels, punches, as well as cutting, crimping and stripping tools. The company name RENNSTEIG derives from the name of the Rennsteig hiking trail, located through the Thuringian Highlands in Germany. The trail is known as one of Germany's most popular attractions for both tourists and hikers. Much like the foot trails of the Thuringian Highlands, RENNSTEIG hand tools have also gained plenty of appreciation and recognition through its long tradition of innovative hand tool development and manufacturing of exceptionally dynamic, high quality hand tools.