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Kukko KK145-2 Wheel Bearing Housing Spreader

Item #KK145-2

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  • Extracts shock absorber mountings and steering components (ball joints)
  • Safe, quick and easy ball joint removal/installation
  • No need to pry open with chisels, screwdrivers, wedges, etc., which may damage part or cause personal injury
  • Universal application for a variety of projects
  • Small and compact tool which fits in tight areas
  • Mechanical pressure spindle has milled thread and also has special Kukko coating for smooth operation
  • To view the tool in action, visit the following link:

Many European car suspensions tightly hold ball joints in a split knuckle wheel bearing housing. Even after removing the pinch bolt/screw, the wheel bearing housing naturally has a great amount of pressure. Many mechanics would use chisels, screwdrivers, wedges or other means to pry open the split knuckle housing, which may cause personal injury or part damage. With the use of the new Kukko KK145-2 Spreader Tool, the split knuckle housing can be easily expanded for quick removal and replacement of the steering part. The Kukko KK145-2 Spreader Tool can also be left in the unit, which makes the replacement/installation process quick and easy.

To use the tool, first remove the pinch bolt from the split knuckle housing. Next take the KK145-2 Spreader Tool and insert the bottom metal base in between the split knuckle housing gap. Tighten the KK145-2 tool until the knuckle housing gap begins to open. Once there is enough space, the steering component can easily be removed and replace.

KUKKO, the premier manufacturer of pulling tools in Germany, offers a wide range of versatile products, which are specialized to facilitate the non-destructive dismounting of gears, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology.