Kukko KK1-93-P 2-Arm Slender Puller Jaws

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  • Comes with two (2) narrow, quick adjusting spare arms (pair)
  • Slender arms are used for working in confined spaces
  • "Quick-Adjust" knobs allows rapid loosening and adjusting of the extractor hooks without using a wrench
  • "Self-Lock" technology: By turning the locking screw, the hooks are centered and tensioned firmly gripping the piece to be pulled off, preventing the hooks from moving or slipping off

KUKKO, the premier manufacturer of pulling tools in Germany, offers a wide range of versatile products, which are specialized to facilitate the non-destructive dismounting of gears, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology. Utilizing multiple unique designs in their puller line, KUKKO distinguishes them from competitors in the industry. The patented armlock system of the puller arms ensures that the product is stronger and safer than any other model on the market today. In addition, Kukko offer pullers with ёuick Adjust technology for rapid adjustment of the puller arms- simply loosen the red knurled-knob adjusters, position the arms and retighten the knobs without ever using a wrench.