Knipex KN1106160 6 1/4-Inch End Wire Strippers - 1000V Insulated

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  • Locking adjustable screw for setting the correct diameter up to 7 AWG
  • Internal knurled nut for one handed adjustment
  • With or without opening spring to aid in repetitive work
  • For single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation

Founded in 1882 by C. Gustav Putsch as a forge in Wuppertal, Germany, KNIPEX originally focused on manufacturing on pincers and blacksmith tongs, which were handmade before being produced in larger quantities using a drop forge hammer. Carl Putsch, the second generation president, registered the KNIPEX brand name, and has since grown the product line into the vast line of high quality, ergonomic pliers that are enjoyed and utilized across the world today. KNIPEX currently offers over 100 different styles of pliers, estimating over 1,500 different SKU. These tools include cutting pliers, combination pliers, water pump pliers, specialty pliers, 1000 volt insulated pliers and many more.

Length 6.25"
Handles 1000V Insulated
Head Polished
Style Opening Spring Included