Hazet HZ798-1 Hose Clamp Pliers

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  • For spring band hose clamps
  • Fixed jaws
  • Adjustable opening width
  • For simple hose clamps
  • With locking device
  • Movable jaws
  • Chrome-plated surface

Founded in 1868, HAZET has been recognized as one of the єop 100 Most Innovative Medium-Sized Companies in Germany and is a leader in the manufacturing of tools geared toward the automotive market. HAZET torque wrenches, tool trolleys and a multitude of other automotive tools have been successfully marketed in the US for several years now. Despite its relative success in the US, HAZET has long seen the potential for growth in the US market. After lengthy discussions between the two companies, HAZET has chosen Anglo American Tools as its new representation in the US.

Country of Origin Germany