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Hazet HZ668-1 Tire Sensor Mounting Tool

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  • Designed to easily position small, rounded VDO(TM) REDI Sensors into their rubber containers
  • Precise positioning when mounting VDO(TM) REDI Sensor
  • Very quick and easy to use: Installs within seconds per sensor
  • One-handed application after placing sensor into HAZET HZ668-1 tool
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Tire pressure sensors have been a federal requirement for all cars since the 2007 model year. Once these sensors are damaged or worn out, mounting new VDOTM REDI can be a time-consuming task.

These VDOTM REDI Sensors are mounted on the inside of the tire instead of directly mounting it to the wheel/valve. In order to mount these sensors manually, it takes a bit of maneuvering and time to pry open the rubber container and inserting the small sensors. But with the HAZET HZ668-1, the VDOTM REDI Sensors can easily be installed within seconds, saving time and increasing auto shop efficiency.

Once the sensor is placed inside the HAZET HZ668-1 tool, a simple push action will move the VDOTM REDI Sensor through the tool’s enclosure, which then spreads the rubber container open and guides the sensor inside.

Founded in 1868, HAZET has been recognized as one of the top 100 Most Innovative Medium-Sized Companies in Germany and is a leader in the manufacturing of tools geared toward the automotive market. HAZET torque wrenches, tool trolleys and a multitude of other automotive tools have been successfully marketed in the US for several years now. Despite its relative success in the US, HAZET has long seen the potential for growth in the US market. After lengthy discussions between the two companies, HAZET has chosen Anglo American Tools as its new representation in the US.

Country of Origin Germany