Grip-On GR13709 9-Inch Plugweld Locking Pliers

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  • The solid copper pad on the fixed jaw prevents burn-through when welding thin sheet-metal panels
  • Spatter resistant copper enables the filling of pilot holes
  • Weld does not stick to copper, which also allows for quick cooling
  • U-Shaped bottom jaw provides even pressure around welding spot

GRIP-ON is known as the manufacturer of the largest range of locking tools worldwide. Manufactured in Spain, GRIP-ON uses the most sophisticated and modern machinery and tooling, mostly designed and produced in-house, to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Their innovative and unique locking tools include pliers for general use and the automotive industry as well as high-quality clamps for welding applications. The pliers and clamps are finished have a epoxy resin coating that is ten times more resistant to corrosion than traditional nickel plating. The epoxy resin is also significantly more eco-friendly, as the processes involved with nickel plating can be harmful to the environment.

Length 9
Handles Orange Eco-Friendly Epoxy Coated
Capacity 1 5/8"
Country of Origin Spain