Berger BR1050 Gardening Shears

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  • Intermediate locking position
  • Counterblade with deep sap groove
  • Forged metal counterblade has a deep sap groove to remove dirt, and leads to a precise and clean cut for a healthy growth of your plants
  • Handles are made of high-grade forged aluminum with an ergonomic design
  • BR1050 comes with a ring lock

Founded in 1918, BERGER is one of Germanys leading manufacturers of cutting tools for gardening, orchard and vineyards, florists, forestry and engineering. Generations of quality manufacturing, as well as innovative and detailed improvements, allows BERGER to continuously offer superior quality cutting tools with outstanding comfort and safety. Convinced that quality and sustainability are the benchmarks for the future, BERGER continues to manufacture by utilizing high-grade steels to sustain the advanced cutting performance and longevity of their product line for future generations.

Country of Origin Germany